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Conscious World Citizens by Richard A. Bowell.



Building on his best-selling United Nations book ‘An Urgent Plea From The Future’ Richard Bowell’s new book ‘Conscious World Citizens’ includes the 5 downloads that took place over a 12-year period about our world and the ‘Essential Shift’ to a new level of consciousness.


The first download became a United Nations best-selling book. Now all 5 downloads are in one book and published by the Global Center For Human Change - New York.


Unlocking the 5 downloads of evolutionary change:


• The Essential Shift

• The Template for EVO Change

• Conscious World Citizens

• The 17 Sustainable development Goal Alignments

Richard about the book:
"There can be no more important issue in our times as the natural worlds descend into a catastrophic state. This book was written to share with the world the message of our times: Until we transform ourselves, we cannot hope to transform the world.."


Scientists and philosophers, United Nations high-level officers and diplomats, and New York Times best-selling authors all agree:

"Richard Bowell’s work is a fine example of those more integral meta perspectives that are really more inclusive, more comprehensive, more embracing, and more caring, and that means across the board."


Ken Wilber, a world-renowned philosopher says:

"The importance of these more comprehensive approaches – and correlatively, the inadequacy of anything less – is surely at the core of the next major evolutionary change now facing humanity.”

This is a physical book that will be ready for release December 1st 2022. The price includes worldwide shipping. We can offer no guarantee about the shipping time for international orders.


From the Global Center for Human Change (Publishing) a 501 (c)(3) not for profit

Conscious World Citizens

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