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An Urgent Plea From the Future

A Global Center for Human Change Project

"More than a change in behavior or way of living, Evolutionary Change is
a completely new level
of living in harmony with life on this planet."

Richard Bowell
Author, Thought Leader and Evolutionary Pathfinder

Conscious World Citizen
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For every person who wants to see real change in this world…


“This excellent work is a fine example of these more integral, meta perspectives
at the core of the next evolutionary change now facing humanity.”

Ken Wilber

World-Renowned Philosopher and Best-Selling Author

An Urgent Plea From The Future

A Guidebook for Conscious World Citizens

When you buy the Guidebook, will have  30 days of free access  to our new CWC Portal.

The CWC will contain supporting work that unfolds the concepts in the book in the form of...

  • videos

  • podcasts

  • ‘live’ broadcasts

  • Q&A sessions

  • community discussions

  • outreach material
               and more to come as we grow.

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In collaboration with The Global Center;
a New York 501(c)(3)

Endorsed by UN Ambassadors, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, Eminent Scientists, Evolutionary Leaders, and now the subject of a Netflix Film.

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Kay Dundorf

President of the Global Center for Human Change

”The Global Center not-for-profit was established to provide an integral approach to the
significant global challenges laid out in the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals to reach every person who wants to help this world find a different future...”


President Kay Dundorf

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