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The Essential Shift for Humanity

‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Endorsed by Eminent Scientists, Evolutionary Leaders, NY Times bestselling Authors

Until we transform ourselves - how can we hope to transform our world

The Conscious World Citizens Movement

The Conscious World Citizens Movement

"Evolutionary Change is more than a change in behavior or way of living. It is a completely new level of living in harmony with life on this planet."

Richard Bowell
Author, Philosopher and Evolutary Leader
A lifetime spent in the pursuit of a new level of consciousness at the heart of humanity’s next step, invited to deliver his work at the United Nations...


For every person who wants to see real change in this world…

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“This excellent work is a fine example of these more integral, meta perspectives at the core of the next evolutionary change now facing humanity.”

Ken Wilber

World-renowned Philosopher

Best-selling Author

Endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors, eminent scientists, evolutionary leaders, and neuroscientists, and the subject of a Netflix documentary.

The Conscious World Citizens Package
’The Essential Shift’ - a guide to Conscious World Citizenship

Only from a new level of consciousness can we see and address the significant challenges of our times.

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Buy the book and receive:

• The Conscious World Citizen template
• The self/group study book
• The Essential SHIFT chart
• The UN17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) paired with the 17 SDG Human Alignments (SDGAs)
• The CWC monthly newsletter with exclusive content


$25.95 USD

(plus postage)

The Essential Shift’ is a best-selling book at the United Nations bookstore - New York

Coming Soon - the next book ‘The Unfolding of the Way

81 verses contemplating the human place in a new time

”A work of incredible subtlety and grace”

Written over an 11-year period on an idyllic Greek island, contemplating the most important global challenge facing humanity today: until we transform ourselves, how can we hope to transform the world?

Soon to be offered through the Global Center for Human Change

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Michael Shewchuk and Kay Dundorf

Co-founders of the Global Center for Human (Evolutionary) Change

”We established the non-profit Global Center in 2014 to ensure this vital work would reach every person on this planet who is genuinely concerned with making a conscious contribution to a new relationship between the human species and the planet.”


Meeting at and working for the United Nations, the Original Founders established a global research team to enhance the insight about the human side of the way we address the challenges of our times.

‘It is not more information about the breakdown of the world that is needed – it is the way we relate to ourselves living on the planet that is so often absent in our response to the challenges we face.’

– Co-Founder, Richard A. Bowell


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