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Conscious World Citizens Principles


The significant challenges we face in today’s world are global ones. 

The main themes are laid out in the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Poverty, Hunger, Inequality, Global Warming…) and have found agreement in the global community of 193 nations.

As Conscious World Citizens, we acknowledge that the address to these challenges can only come from a new level of consciousness of our part and purpose in these times, in the light of the sure knowledge that to continue as we do is simply not sustainable. 

These inner challenges are laid out in the 17 Sustainable Development Goal Alignments.

Only by understanding the interconnection between the challenges we face in the ‘external’ world and the challenge we face in finding an elevation in our inner world to SEE that the external we face are in large part a consequence of our own level of thinking, can we make a real difference. 


Originally distributed by the United Nations to UNAI Colleges and Universities in 130 countries world wide.

The scientific community openly talk of the catastrophic breakdown of the natural worlds. We cannot continue as we do and the level of change that must occur is a significant evolutionary upgrade in terms of the integration of our inner and outer worlds, making us whole individuals.


The 7 principles of Conscious World Citizens give clear guidance to the evolutionary change of our times, re-aligning what we do, how we do what we do and why we are here at this unique moment to play a new part in the evolution story.

The Principles of Conscious World Citizens, the Essential Shift, the 17 SDG Alignments, the Conscious World Citizens Guidebook (An Urgent Plea from the Future) and the Template for Evolutary Change are the trademark property of the Global Center for Human Change, a 501(c)(3) registered educational charity based in New York.

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‘In Service to Humanity’



1. As conscious citizens of our one world, our purpose is to first of all secure the sanctity of our inner ecology where a new and different future can unfold - away from the polluted state of the planet and the toxic state of the culture (The Purpose).


2. In support of this endeavor, we uphold our natural birthright permission to become a media of re-alignment and reconnection to the significant line of evolutionary growth (The Purpose and the Person).


3. Our response to the calling to live in harmony with this planet and all life here is activated through the self-chosen affirmation to play a conscious part in the growth of a new level of life (The Purpose, the Person and the Planet).


4. As Conscious World Citizens, our human significance is centered in our natural capability to support evolutionary change in the unfolding story of life and we recognize that the upholding of these principles triggers the vital insights and perceptions necessary to access a different future - from a new level (The Elevation).


5. Our human struggle to address the significant challenges we face is rooted in SEEING beyond the level of duality and difference (in gender, race, color…) that can only be realized by de-attaching ourselves from the level of inveiglement we have inherited from the past and growing closer in connection and integration with higher unified fields of intelligence (Growing Up).


6. Our unique design function allows us to release into the world new natural intelligence (ideas, ways, attitudes, discoveries) that can restore and regenerate life through the integration of purpose, the person and the planet (Integration).


7. The embodiment of these principles makes of us humans a first principle in our own right, not by any claim of authority but as a conduit of connection to higher fields of intelligence serving the emergence of a new time across the fields of human endeavor (Conscious Contribution).

Formed in December 2020 - The Global Center Research Team Richard Bowell and Kay Dundorf

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