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Conscious World Citizens

“It is too late to tell anything but the truth of our human situation to ensure the world knows a way forward in these times.”


– Kay Dundorf, President, Global Center for Human Change


In 2015, the global community declared 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a sustainable world to be realized by 2030. We now know how far away we are from stemming the breakdown of our world.

Our accompanying work on the 17 SDG Human Alignments was introduced at the United Nations and is now being shared by the Global Center for Human Change, a not-for-profit in New York, to those who wish to SEE a different world as Conscious World Citizens.

It shows the ‘Essential Shift’ to transforming ourselves to transform the world. You can begin right now by signing up to receive the free downloads from our book, “The Essential Shift – A Guide to Becoming a Conscious World Citizen”. The Global Center will send you a free mini-program from the Conscious World Citizens Package.

If you so choose, you can then step forward to play an active role in the global movement of change taking place on this planet as Conscious World Citizens. You will have access to courses and programs being made available by the Global Center for those who seek to be in service to a new time.

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