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Evolutionary Change

A Global Center for Human Change Project

I came to a small Greek Island to listen to the message of our times…..and wrote it down not knowing if it made sense. Scientists and scholars around the world

reflected that it ‘hit the nail on the head’.

The United Nations invited me to share it with their Ambassadors and officers …then Netflix came calling. Now I share it with you.

Conscious World Citizen
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For every person who wants to see real change in this world…


Through this coherent ‘Template for Evolutionary Change’ our next steps on this planet are unfolded. Hailed by Scientists, Philosophers and Best Selling authors as a new paradigm for a new human response to a failing world… consciousness is key.

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Kay Dundorf

President of the Global Center for Human Change

”The Global Center not-for-profit was established to provide an integral approach to the
significant global challenges laid out in the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals to reach every person who wants to help this world find a different future...”


President Kay Dundorf

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